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How Should New Business Owner Ask An Unbranded Apparel Manufacturer To Start Business

Are you a business owner or retail who is just looking to start working with an unbranded apparel or footwear manufacturer?there are several steps they should take and ask to ensure a successful relationship. As a reliable and experience clothing and footwear wholesale and factory, we would like to inform belows:



When inquiring about pricing, A good supplier  will always offer you the details that the price based on. Such as the fabric quality, size specs. Packaging and other accessories for the garments and slippers. Also the supplier will show you a counter sample for your approval.

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Never forget to check the MOQ before sealing the deal. As you might know, the minimum order quantity is extremely important for the manufacturers that sell bulk items to businesses. When you partner with a supplier that keeps it feasible for you, it means that they are thinking more about your profit rather than theirs.

Product quality management system

It’s also important to ask about the manufacturer’s quality control measures and how they guarantee the quality of their products. Do they have an in-house quality control system? Are they regularly inspected? Are they certified by third-party organizations?

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On-time delivery

Ensuring that the manufacturer will deliver on time is also a vital factor to consider. Ask the manufacturer what their average lead time is and if they offer any kind of expedited shipping service.

After-sales service.

Finally, find out what kind of after-sales service the manufacturer provides. This can include warranties, customer service, and repair services. Knowing the answers to these questions will give you a better understanding of the manufacturer and their capabilities.

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