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Why Chinese People Like Wearing Red For Chinese New Year?

Do you source the red-coloured items on Amazon for comming Lunar New Year? such as red clothing, red  envelopes,anything in red?Maybe you will ask for why?

Because Red-coloured clothing is worn throughout the Lunar New Year as it symbolises good luck ,prosperity and is thought to ward off evil spiritsalso you will find everything painted in the hue of red during Chinese New Year.


Why the color red is considered lucky for Chinese New Year.

According to legends, a beast named Nian would come on Chinese New Year’s Eve to devour villagers, livestock and crops. To protect themselves from the mythical creature, people would put food in front of their doors, hoping that Nian wouldn’t harm anyone after consuming it.

One night, people say, they saw Nian get scared of a child dressed in red clothes. Ever since, they have been hanging red lanterns and spring scrolls with couplets to keep the beast away for another year.

People would even greet each other by saying “Gong Xi Fa Cai,” or “Congratulations,” on New Year’s Eve to scare away the mythical beast. For the same reason, the Nian dance or the lion dance is performed every Chinese New Year’s eve.

People spruce up their houses and offices with red lanterns, banners and paper cuttings too. Red envelopes filled with money are gifted to children and elders.


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