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Why the activewear don't use cotton materials?

Did you experience the below things?

Sweat appears on your clothes.and it is not easy to take it off.

 In past, many people choose a sportwear in cotton material ,but unfortunately it is the wrong choice for GYM workout. We as a profession factory, let us to let you know WHY we don’t use cotton fabric for workout clothes.

 As we know that cotton absorbs moisture and is slow to dry, but the excess moisture weights you down, and can cause chills, skin breakouts,and an increase in chafing.

Another thing, it is not easy to take the tight clothes off when the clothes has more sweat on it.

 So we use quick-drying synthetics and moisture- wicking fabric to draw water away from the skin for optimal evaporation ,and keep clean when we workout in gym or go out running,

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